Ялта на английском языке как пишется

Yalta[2] (Russian and Ukrainian: Я́лта) is a resort city on the south coast of the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine surrounded by the Black Sea. It serves as the administrative center of Yalta Municipality, one of the regions within Crimea. Yalta, along with the rest of Crimea, is internationally recognised as part of Ukraine, and is considered part of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. However, it is occupied by Russia,[3] which annexed Crimea in 2014 and regards the town as part of the Republic of Crimea. According to the most recent census, its population was 76,746 (2014 Census)[4].

Yalta[2] (Russian and Ukrainian: Я́лта) is a resort city on the south coast of the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine surrounded by the Black Sea. It serves as the administrative center of Yalta Municipality, one of the regions within Crimea. Yalta, along with the rest of Crimea, is internationally recognised as part of Ukraine, and is considered part of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. However, it is occupied by Russia,[3] which annexed Crimea in 2014 and regards the town as part of the Republic of Crimea. According to the most recent census, its population was 76,746 (2014 Census)[4].




Widok na Jałtę ze statku 07.JPG

Flag of Yalta as recognised by Russia (de jure)Flag of Yalta as recognised by Russia (de facto)Flag of Yalta


Coat of arms of Yalta as recognised by Russia (de jure)Coat of arms of Yalta as recognised by Russia (de facto)Coat of arms of Yalta

Coat of arms

Yalta is located in Crimea



Location of Yalta within Crimea

Yalta is located in Ukraine



Location of Yalta within Ukraine

Yalta is located in European Russia



Location of Yalta within Russia

Yalta is located in Europe



Location of Yalta within Europe

Coordinates: 44°29′58″N 34°10′12″E / 44.49944°N 34.17000°ECoordinates: 44°29′58″N 34°10′12″E / 44.49944°N 34.17000°E
Country Territory of Ukraine, occupied by Russia[1]
Republic Crimea
Municipality Yalta Municipality
Elevation 40 m (130 ft)


 • Total 76,746
Time zone UTC+3 (MSK)
Postal codes


Area code +7-3654
Former name Yalita (until the 15th century)
Climate Cfa
Website yalta.rk.gov.ru

The city is located on the site of the ancient Greek colony of Yalita.[5] It is said to have been founded by the Greek settlers who were looking for a safe shore (Γιαλός, yalos in Greek) on which to land. It is situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea, surrounded by the mountain range Ai-Petri. It has a warm humid subtropical climate and is surrounded by numerous vineyards and orchards.[6]

The area became famous when the city held the Yalta Conference as part of the Allied World War II conferences in 1945.

The term “Greater Yalta” is used to designate a part of the Crimean southern coast spanning from Foros in the west to Gurzuf in the east and including the city of Yalta and multiple adjacent urban settlements.


12th–19th centuriesEdit

The existence of Yalta was first recorded in the 12th century by an Arab geographer, who described it as a Byzantine port and fishing settlement. It became part of a network of Genoese trading colonies on the Crimean coast in the 14th century, when it was known as Etalita or Galita. Crimea was captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1475, which made it a semi-independent subject territory under the rule of the Crimean Khanate but the southern coast with Yalta was under direct Ottoman rule forming the Eyalet of Kefe (Feodosiya). Yalta was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1783, along with the rest of Crimea, sparking the Russo-Turkish War, 1787-1792. Prior to the annexation of the Crimea, the Crimean Greeks were moved to Mariupol in 1778; one of the villages they established nearby is also called Yalta.

In the 19th century, the town became a fashionable resort for the Russian aristocracy and gentry. Leo Tolstoy spent summers there and Anton Chekhov in 1898 bought a house (the White Dacha) here, where he lived until 1902; Yalta is the setting for Chekhov’s short story, “The Lady with the Dog”, and such prominent plays as The Three Sisters were written in Yalta. The town was also closely associated with royalty. In 1889 Tsar Alexander III finished construction of Massandra Palace a short distance to the north of Yalta and Nicholas II built the Livadia Palace south-west of the town in 1911.

20th centuryEdit

During the 20th century, Yalta was the principal holiday resort of the Soviet Union. In 1920, Vladimir Lenin issued a decree “On the Use of Crimea for the Medical Treatment of the Working People” which endorsed the region’s transformation from a fairly exclusive resort area into a recreation facility for tired proletarians. Numerous workers’ sanatoria were constructed in and around Yalta and the surrounding district. There were, in fact, few other places that Soviet citizens could come for a seaside holiday, as foreign travel was forbidden to all but a handful. The Soviet elite also came to Yalta; the Soviet premier Joseph Stalin used the Massandra Palace as his summer residence.

Yalta was occupied by the German Army from 9 November 1941 to 16 April 1944.

The town came to worldwide attention in 1945 when the Yalta Conference between the “Big Three” powers – the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom – was held at the Livadia Palace.

21st centuryEdit

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Yalta has struggled economically. Many of the nouveaux riches of ex-Soviet citizens began going to other European holiday resorts, now that they had the freedom and money to travel; conversely, the impoverishment of many ex-Soviet citizens meant that they could no longer afford to go to Yalta. The town’s transport links have been significantly reduced with the end of almost all passenger traffic by sea. The longest trolleybus line in Europe goes from the train station in Simferopol to Yalta (almost 90 km). Yalta is crowded in the vacation season (July–August) and prices for accommodation are very high. Most of the tourists are from countries of the former Soviet Union; in 2013, about 12% of tourists to Crimea were Westerners from more than 200 cruise ships.[7]

Yalta has a beautiful seafront promenade along the Black Sea. People can be seen strolling there all seasons of the year, and it also serves as a place to gather and talk, to see and be seen. There are several beaches to the east and west of the promenade. Many kinds of pine trees (Stone pine and Aleppo pine for example), oleander shrubs, lemon and olive trees and different sorts of palm trees such as the Chinese windmill palm, the Mexican fan palm and the Canary Island date palm are scattered all over the city. The town has several movie theaters, a drama theater, plenty of restaurants, and several open-air markets.

Two beaches in Yalta are Blue Flag beaches since May 2010, these were the first beaches (with two beaches in Yevpatoria) to be awarded a Blue Flag in a CIS member state.[8]

In 2014, Russia, in violation of international law, invaded Crimea and claimed it as part of Russia.[9]

Main sightsEdit

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Famous attractions within or near Yalta are:

  • Yalta’s Sea Promenade (Naberezhnaya), housing many attractions, which was renovated in 2003 and 2004.
  • Saint Hripsime Church of Yalta, an Armenian Church, with frescoes by V. Surenyants
  • A Roman Catholic Church built by Nikolay Krasnov
  • Yalta’s cable car, taking visitors to the Darsan hill, from which one can see Yalta’s shoreline
  • Renovated Hotel Taurica, the first hotel in the former Russian Empire with elevators
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, constructed by the architect Krasnov, who also constructed the Livadia Palace and the architect P. Terebenyov
  • Former main building of the Ministry of Defence hotel, built in the style of a Gothic castle
  • Palace of Bukhara Emir
  • Yalta’s Zoo
  • Yalta’s Aquarium, housing small dolphins
  • Park-museum Polyana Skazok (Glade of Fairytales)
  • White Dacha – House-museum of Anton Chekhov
  • House-museum of Lesya Ukrainka
  • House with Caryatids, where the composer A. Spendiarov lived
  • Yalta Hotel Complex
  • Roffe Bath, historical monument

Moreover, Yalta’s suburbs contain:

  • Foros Church
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden (Nikita)
  • Livadia Palace (Livadiya)
  • Organ hall in Livadiya
  • Massandra Palace (Massandra)
  • Massandra Winery and Vaults
  • International children’s centre of Artek(Gurzuf)
  • Ai-Petri Mountain (1233 metres high, with a cable car traveling to and from the mountain)
  • Alupka Palace
  • Swallow’s Nest castle near Gaspra.
  • Tsar’s Path hiking trail



As Yalta lies to the south of the Crimean Mountains and, within an amphitheatre of hills, the climate is mild. Yalta has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification: Cfa) that closely borders on a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification: Csa).[6] According to the Trewartha climate classification the climate is Do (oceanic.) In February, the average temperature reaches 4 °C (39 °F). Snow is infrequent and melts soon thereafter. In July, the average temperature reaches 24 °C (75 °F). The average annual precipitation is 612 millimetres (24.1 in), most of it being concentrated in the colder months. The sun shines approximately 2,169 hours per year. Since the city is located on the shore of the Black Sea, the weather rarely becomes extremely hot due to the cool sea breezes. The average annual temperature for Yalta is around 14 °C (57 °F), which makes it one of the warmest places in Ukraine.

Climate data for Yalta (1991–2020 normals, extremes 1948–present)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 17.8
Average high °C (°F) 7.4
Daily mean °C (°F) 4.6
Average low °C (°F) 2.5
Record low °C (°F) −12.2
Average precipitation mm (inches) 76
Average extreme snow depth cm (inches) 1
Average rainy days 14 12 13 12 11 10 8 7 10 10 12 15 134
Average snowy days 6 6 4 0.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 20
Average relative humidity (%) 75.7 73.6 72.7 72.0 69.7 67.7 61.9 61.5 65.4 71.5 74.4 75.1 70.1
Mean monthly sunshine hours 68.6 85.1 133.3 174.9 239.2 273.2 308.1 280.6 216.2 145.1 89.3 63.2 2,076.8
Source 1: Pogoda.ru.net[10]
Source 2: World Meteorological Organization (humidity and sun 1981–2010)[11]


As of the Ukrainian Census conducted on 1 January 2001, the population of Yalta is 80,500. The main ethnic groups of Yalta are: Russians (65.5%), Ukrainians (25.7%), Belarusians (1.6%), and Crimean Tatars (1.3%).[12] The majority of people speak Russian as their mother tongue.
This total number does not comprise the population of neighbouring villages and small towns. The metropolitan area population is about 139,500.

Twin towns – sister citiesEdit

Yalta is twinned with:[13][14][15][16]

  •   Antalya, Turkey
  •   Baden-Baden, Germany
  •   Batumi, Georgia
  •   Eilat, Israel
  •   Fujisawa, Japan
  •   Grozny, Russia
  •   Kaluga, Russia
  •   Santa Barbara, United States
  •   Khachmaz, Azerbaijan
  •   Latakia, Syria
  •   Luhansk, Ukraine
  •   Margate, England, United Kingdom
  •   Nice, France
  •   Pozzuoli, Italy
  •   Rhodes, Greece
  •   Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy
  •   Sanya, China
  •   Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  •   Ulan-Ude, Russia
  •   Vladikavkaz, Russia

See alsoEdit

  • List of cities in Ukraine


  1. ^ This place is located on the Crimean peninsula, which is internationally recognized as part of Ukraine, but since 2014 under Russian occupation. According to the administrative-territorial division of Ukraine, there are the Ukrainian divisions (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city with special status of Sevastopol) located on the peninsula. Russia claims these as federal subjects of the Russian Federation (the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol).
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External linksEdit

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  •   Yalta travel guide from Wikivoyage
  • “Yalta” . New International Encyclopedia. 1905.
  • The murder of the Jews of Yalta during World War II, at Yad Vashem website.

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Перевод “Ялта” на английский

Финишировать планируется в российском городе Ялта.

It is planned to finish in the Russian city of Yalta.

Ялта может быть интересна туристам не только благодаря туристическим возможностям.

Yalta can be interesting for tourists not only because of travel opportunities.

И тут мы должны встретиться, в городе Ялта.

And this is where we were to meet, the city of Yalta.

Ялта признала за игроками наличие сфер жизненных интересов и согласовала соответствующие правила игры.

Yalta recognized that all players had their own spheres of vital interests and adopted corresponding rules of the game.

Ялта не раз выступала площадкой для обсуждения наиглавнейших вопросов мирового масштаба.

Yalta made a platform for discussing the most important issues on a global scale.

В результате Ялта почти обезлюдела и являла собой маленькую рыбацкую деревню.

Yalta became almost deserted, and had the appearance of a small fishing village.

Вы сами сможете смотреть на величественные горы и прекраснейшие постройки современного города Ялта.

You’ll be able to look at the majestic mountains and the beautiful buildings of the modern city of Yalta.

Это составляет 22% от числа лиц, посетивших санаторно-курортные учреждения курорта Ялта.

This represents 22% of the number of persons visiting the spa resort of Yalta institutions.

Прибрежный город Ялта лежит дальше на запад вдоль полуострова.

The coastal city of Yalta lies further west along the peninsula.

Сама Ялта интересна благодаря уникальной комбинации архитектурных памятников, окруженных горным ландшафтом.

Yalta itself is interesting due to its unique combination of architectural monuments surrounded by mountainous landscape.

Ялта была основана греками примерно в 1-ом веке.

Yalta was founded by the Greeks approximately in the 1st century.

С 10 по 12 сентября украинский курортный город Ялта снова оказался в центре внимания.

From the 10th till 12th of September the resort town Yalta became the centre of attention again.

Благодаря развитию помещичьего землевладения на Южном берегу и удобному заливу Ялта становится важным транспортным пунктом.

Thanks to the development of landownership in the South Bay beach and convenient Yalta became an important transportation point.

Он – старпом русской подводной лодки Ялта.

He’s the executive officer of the Russian submarine, the Yalta.

Ялта – менее явный рынок реализации инвестиционного потенциала – выгоднее купить вторичку в соседней Алупке.

Yalta – less obvious market potential of the investment – cheaper to buy in the secondary housing adjacent Alupka.

Квартира на продажу находится в квартале Ялта в городе Русе.

This is an apartment for sale located in Yalta quarter in the town of Ruse.

С приходом Советской власти Ялта превратилась в общедоступную здравницу, ежегодно принимающую сотни тысяч отпускников.

With the advent of Soviet power, Yalta has become a public health resort, annually receiving hundreds of thousands of vacationers.

В дореволюционную эпоху Ялта стала излюбленным местом отдыха элиты царской России.

In the pre-revolutionary era, Yalta became a favorite vacation spot of the elite of tsarist Russia.

Ялта и ее последствия связаны с соперничеством сверхдержав.

Yalta and its consequences have to do with Great Power rivalries.

Климат Ялты Ялта славится своим уникальным климатом.

The climate of Yalta Yalta is famous for its unique climate.

Ничего не найдено для этого значения.

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  • 9


    Береги любовь и цени свободы

    Keep love and value freedom


    Был осужден советским судом

    Convicted by the Soviet justice.


    Вернись и навсегда останься

    Come back and stay forever


    Коренной обитатель тюрьмы

    Native of prison


    Любовь один раз дается

    Love is given only once


    Люблю одну тебя

    I love only you


    Люблю только волю

    I love only freedom


    Меня исправит расстрел

    Nothing will reform me but shooting


    Одно мое утешение — ты

    You are my only consolation


    Первая и последняя любовь

    First and last love


    Сердцу ты один нужен

    My heart needs only you


    Тюрьма — игрушка

    Prison is a plaything


    Ты или никто

    You or nobody


    Тюрьма учит закону

    Prison is a teacher of law


    Я люблю тебя, ангел

    I love you, angel


    Я хочу тебя

    I want you


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  • Ялта — город (с 1837) в Украине, Крым, порт на Чёрном море, в 79 км от железнодорожной станции Симферополь (троллейбусное сообщение). 89,3 тыс. жителей (1991). Приморский климатический курорт, центр курортной зоны Южного берега Крыма. Пищевкусовая… …   Энциклопедический словарь

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ялта — перевод на английский

‘Вот оно, вот моя Ялта.

‘This is it, this is my Yalta.

Немцы: “Ялта дала Европе 35 лет мира.

Germans: “Yalta gave Europe 35 years of peace.

И тут мы должны встретиться, в городе Ялта.

And this is where we were to meet, the city of Yalta.

Мы думаем, что это модель Ялта, сэр. Новая подлодка из Владивостока с экспериментальной технологией малой заметности, более продвинутой, чем наши.

We think it’s the Yalta, sir; it’s a new sub out of Vladivostok with an experimental stealth technology more advanced than ours.

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